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The contact details of the trading partner are not displayed?
The contact details of the trading partner are not displayed?

The customer's address is not displayed and you would like to contact them?

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Solartraders protects your and other people's contact information.

The contact details will only be displayed after a successful transaction has been completed. To get in contact with the trading partner we encourage you to use our integrated messaging system.

Writing a message is super easy. Just enter your text and press send. That's it.

We recommend using the message even after the contact details have been disclosed.

The advantage is you always have an overview of all information relevant to the order. Your Solartraders account manager will also remain fully informed and can support you if necessary.

Please make sure that you keep your company data up to date at all times. If you want to change them, you can do so in your settings.

Delivery addresses can be changed in the respective order, but only as long as the order has not been confirmed by the seller.

We provide you with very useful insights, helping you to make a sound assessment of your trading partner prior entering a contract.

If you open an offer or start a request we display informations on the transaction history of the vendor.

  • Number of transactions shows you how many transactions the vendor has executed on Solartraders.

  • Number of customer ratings shows the number of reviews given by the trading partners. As not every customer reviews a transaction the number is usually much lower than the number of successful transactions. You can look at the reviews in detail if you click the link as indicated in the image below.

We highly appreciate it if you give your vendor a review after a transaction as this helps the whole community.

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