Let’s walk through on how to redeem a voucher on Solartraders.
First you will need to start a request.

Once that’s done you can enter the code here and click the “redeem” button. The discount is automatically deducted from the sum.

If the code does not result in any change in price than the code may not be valid or you might have run into a technical problem.

Reasons why your code might not work:

  • The code expired and the voucher is no longer valid.

  • The code might not be valid for the category of the product you entered it in.

  • You already redeemed the code or a in the process of redeeming it and reached the redemption limit. A code counts as redeemed once you the transaction is confirmed by the vendor. So if one party withdraws from the offer the code can be reused as long as it is still valid.

We usually state clearly how often, when and where to use the code, so please check instructions. You can also always contact us we are happy to support you.

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