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Changing your invoice address
Changing your invoice address

Would you like to change your invoice address? Here's how.

Written by Marc Krock
Updated over a week ago

Since most of our business is intra-community trade, which is exempt from paying VAT, we have to make sure the VAT-ID connected to your account is valid and the address is correct.

Otherwise there will be trouble with the tax office, as the sales tax balance sheet will not add up for the transactions.

If your company does move and the invoice address changes, please let us know before confirming your purchase, so the correct data will be entered into the system for the generation of the invoice documents.

For the reasons above, retroactively changing the invoice address, or providing individual invoice addresses for individual purchases, is not possible.

Please excuse the trouble, but we have to make sure to be in compliance with international tax laws.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask!

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