Cancel my Order

If you want to close or cancel an order, click on the button "Close order".

Updated this week

You can cancel a purchase at any time as long as the transaction has not been confirmed by the supplier.

Just navigate yourself to the order you want to cancel and click on the CLOSE OFFER button.

This is how it looks in the system:

After clicking the button, you can specify a cancellation reason. This can be very helpful for us. After you have canceled your order, the bottom box will show you the successful cancellation in the form of a red circle with a cancellation sign. It should look like this depending on the phase of your cancellation or the supplier's cancellation.

Can I cancel my purchase after the vendor has confirmed?

We are sorry, but this is not possible. All orders on Solartraders are binding once the seller has confirmed the transaction. Cancellation is possible until then, but after that there is no possibility of cancellation.

Please respect this and act responsibly. Do not place an order if you cannot/won't accept the goods.

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