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Where can I find my receipts?
Where can I find my receipts?

You have purchased solar products and want to access the receipts? We'll show you where you can find them.

Written by Max
Updated over a week ago

We want to assist you in keeping track of your purchases and related documents. If you've bought one or more items from us, the respective supplier will provide all necessary receipts, such as prepayment invoices or other essential documents. You can find these documents in the "Documents" section within the respective order in your account. This way, all important documents are securely and neatly stored in one place, directly linked to your purchase.

Additionally, we'll inform you via email once new documents have been uploaded. This email will also include a direct link to the order. If you're already logged in, clicking the link will redirect you directly. Otherwise, please log in briefly with your login details.

If after 24 hours on weekdays no receipts have been provided by the supplier, don't hesitate to send a message directly to the supplier. If this also doesn't yield the desired result, please create a ticket with us. We'll then promptly contact the supplier to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions or need help locating your documents, feel free to contact us.

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