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What payment options do I have?
What payment options do I have?

Advance Payment and Escrow Service. How do these payment options work and which alternatives are there?

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There are two types of payment on Solartraders
On the one hand, payment in advance and on the other hand, payment by escrow service.

Please refer to the respective offer for the available options and select them when making your enquiry.

  • With advance payment you pay the invoice amount before delivery of the goods.

  • With the Escrow Service you also pay the invoice amount before delivery of the goods, but the money is transferred to Solartraders. We will then inform the supplier about the receipt of payment, which will send the goods on top of it. If you have received the goods from the delivery properly, then you release the invoice amount for payment to the supplier and we will carry out the transfer.

Thus, customer protection offers additional security in national and international transactions. This service is free of charge for you as a customer.

Not all sellers offer the additional customer protection "payment by escrow service". However, this does not necessarily mean that these vendors are not trustworthy. The best way to find out the seller's history is to have a look at it. On the basis of the data such as the number of successful transactions and satisfaction in the individual evaluations, it is generally very easy to see whether the supplier is reliable. If there is no data in the history, please feel free to contact us.

We do not offer payment by Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin or a delivery on account.

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