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What are the advantages of Solartraders?

We, as the largest photovoltaic trading place, offer you a wide range of solar products at competitive prices. The access to our products is free of charge for you at any time. The product variety within our marketplace is updated daily to give you the best overview. Buy directly from Europe's leading distributors and manufacturers. No middlemen await you here. On the contrary. You can contact our sellers directly at any time. We are also available Monday to Friday for questions by phone, email or chat. You want to realize a big project? You can even buy directly from our manufacturers. Use our Solartraders escrow service to secure your payment.

Who can buy from Solartraders?

We bring together manufacturers, distributors and installers. For this reason, service providers who have set themselves the task of selling PV products to their own customers can buy from us. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not yet possible for private customers to purchase our range of products for their own roof systems, for example.

Does Solartraders offer the installation of a photovoltaic system?

We as the team of Sonix Solar GmbH will be happy to establish contact with you to our respective manufacturers. We are also at your disposal for product specific questions. However, we are not a service provider responsible for the installation of PV systems.

What warranty period do I have after placing an order?

Each product within our marketplace has a specific product and performance warranty. You can usually read about this term on our product detail page within the product data sheets we provide for download.

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