Chat Function 

You can always get in contact with the vendor if you have any questions. For this purpose we have built the Solartraders message system. You can enter a message at any time and send it to the your counter part. Your trading partner will be immediately informed by e-mail. Usually vendors will reply in a timely manner during office hours.

Why using the chat function is important

After a transaction is successfully confirmed by the vendor you are free to exchange personal contact information. However we strongly recommend to continue using the chat functions as all written and recorded information is part of the transaction process and can be used in case of a dispute. So for your own safety always use our in-build chat messaging system. This is also the only way for us to help and support you if you need assistance on a transaction from Solartraders.


Please do not include any personal contact information such as your name, company name, phone-number or e-mails in your messages. Please respect our general business terms. 

A violation of this might result in a warning or suspension and cancellation of your account on Solartraders.

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