Purchasing products on Solartraders is simple. 

In short:
Select a product, start a request, enter quantity and delivery details, purchase the product, pay and get the goods delivered.

Let us walk you through in more detail

All products are listed in a table-overview. To see more information on the products just click on the offer and a new window will open.

Enter the number of products you will need and start a request.

Starting a request starts the purchase process and and is not binding for any party at all. Choose your delivery address or add a new one for your projects location. If you have a particular question you can enter it here and it will automatically be transmitted to the vendor. Once you successfully submitted your request you and the vendor will receive an e-mail confirmation and you will be forwarded to the request. 

3 Steps to a successful transaction

You already started a request, congratulations!
As you can see our transaction graphically display the Step you are in so no worries about getting lost somewhere. 

You can always get in contact with the vendor if you have any questions. For this purpose we have built the Solartraders message system. You can enter a message at any time and send it to the your counter part. Your trading partner will be immediately informed by e-mail. Usually vendors will reply in a timely manner during office hours.


To make a purchase just click the PURCHASE button. The vendor will be informed immediately via e-mail that you made a decision. It is up to the vendor now to confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed by the vendor you will receive an e-mail. Wait for the invoices for which will also be uploaded in the system. The confirmation process normally happens within a few minutes or hours. If you don't hear back from the vendor within 24h feel free to contact us and we will assist you. Please note that a purchase is binding for both parties once buyer and vendor have confirmed.


A request can be cancelled at any time. However, it is not possible to cancel a confirmed transaction (the buyer and the vendor have confirmed the transaction in the system). There a several reasons to cancel a request such as:

  • you no longer need the product

  • the freight costs are too high

  • your customer has cancelled the order

  • the vendor no longer has the product on stock

To cancel a request just use the button CANCEL REQUEST and the counter part will automatically be notified. Even though it is not mandatory to close requests if the products are no longer needed it is helpful for our support team and the vendor.  A short feedback is also always very welcome. 

More information on cancelling an order can be found here.

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